Don’t forget the coffee.

Coffee seems to be on trend right now. I mean people have loved it for years but the word, smell, equipment and hipster vibe that comes with a fancy cup of coffee seems to be all the rave. Don’t get me wrong, I’m amongst the ones obsessed. I’ve even got a shirt to prove it. We consider ourselves coffee snobs, we only by certain beans, roasted a certain way. We also don’t drink K-cup coffee. Unless we are desperate… Very, very desperate. We have a small collection of machines that grind and brew our coffee. Espresso, we’ve even got a fancy pot for that.Most mornings I make a fresh pot of coffee, fix a cup, it probably gets reheated about 4 times through out the morning, then store the remainder of it in a mason jar in the fridge for an ice coffee later in the day. If I don’t have time at home, I have my own special French press pot at work. When we travel, we have a travel pot. Like I said, slightly obsessed. Growing up, my dad alway drank coffee black and my mom preferred cappuccinos. I eventually fell into the trend of Starbucks coffee, until I had kids. 

 If you don’t know much about us then let me inform you of something several have called us crazy for. Our youngest is 10 month old and for the first time in 4 years. I’m not pregnant! That’s right 4 years, 3 babies, one after another. So my life for the past 4 years have been made up with diapers, feeding schedules, Bubble Guppies,sleep deprivation and lots and lots of coffee. It’s not just about chasing toddlers and a now mobile baby. It’s the laundry, job, dishes (oh the dishes) meals and other household things that need to be done in a day. When they sleep, deciding which chore is more important at the time is the biggest struggle. Just staying on task is a huge challenge. I’ve put milk in the pantry, cereal in the fridge, ran the washing machine 4 times in a week along with other mommy mishaps.  Don’t even get me started with “running to the store for a few things” there is no such thing. A simple run to the store turns into an hour or more road trip with 3. It has to be a level 4 necessitiy to merit me loading up and driving to the store with all 3.As moms ( I could be the only one but I feel like I’m not) we spend our days playing chauffeur, chef, maid, sanitation worker and referee amongst other things. Working any form of a job AND being a mom should be classified as 2 full time position. I’m actually even more exhausted just thinking about it.  The background music of our life is some cartoon show our kids watch on loops, alphabet songs and  whines from toddlers who are testing their boundaries. Oh and when one cries…. They all cry.  We spend our days deciding which battles are more important to fight and begging for nap time or bedtime to come soon. 

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my kids. Before we had our first we had 3 miscarriages. Every day that they wake me up I’m grateful for each and everyone of them. I work hard as a mom to make sure their teeth and hair are brushed, they practice good manners ,they do their chores and attempt to potty train (don’t get me started on that one)  so I’m entitled to one thing right? It obviously can’t be sleep, or even potting in peace most days so just give me the coffee and we will all survive the day. 

I say AAAAALLLLLL of that to convey this funny story.

My 3 year old acts like she should be 30. She knows how I feel about coffee and that it keeps mommy a little bit more sane during the day. The day before we left for vacation I was scrambling to get things packed, cleaned  and ready to go. As I was getting ready to run to the store for a few things she stops me with both hands on her hips, head tilted slightly to the left and we had this exchange. 

Elia: “Momma, where are you doing? You look like a crazy person.” 

Me: “Momma’s gonna go to the store in a little bit. I’m making a list of things we need.” 

Elia: “Oh ok momma. Well don’t forget my juice. Oh and Don’t forget the coffee. We never forget coffee.” 

I started giggling, scooped her up, gave her a big hug and a kiss and thought, she knows me so well. 

“No baby, we never forget coffee.”