Summer Shrimp Tacos 

Our favorite meal this summer has been Shrimp Tacos. The are so packed with flavor and these suckers are super healthy! So we thought why not share the goodness with everyone. So here we go! 

We get 2lbs of shrimp. You can get frozen if you don’t have access to thawed or fresh but obviously the fresher the better. 

Peel and rinse the shrimp and skewer them. Make the marinade and brush the skewered shrimp. 

Grill them till they are pink and have a nice little char on them. Then let them rest in the remaining marinade.

We make a nice slaw to go on top and sometimes we get creative and make our own charred pepper tomatillo sauce. (All those recipies are below) 

Jicama tortillas are a GREAT alternative to tortillas so we use those as our base. A little shrimp, a little slaw with a touch of sauce and it’s the perfect summer meal!


2lb Shrimp 

Jicama Tortillas ( flour or corn tortillas for a non healthy option) 

1 bag of shredded cabbage

1/2 tbsp of red wine vinegar 

1/2 Lime 

A pinch of paprika 

1/4 tsp of chili powder 

Marinade ingredients: 

1/2 Tsb of minced garlic 

1/3 tsp of melted butter 

1/3 cup of Franks Hot Wing sauce 

Roasted Green Sauce:

2 poblano peppers

3 tomatillos 

1/3 tsp olive oil 

4 tbsp of light ranch dressing (optional) 

1. In a bowl add red wine vinegar, cabbage and spices and mix and put in fridge. 

2. Peel, skwer and marinade shrimp. 

3. Roast poblano and tomatillos on the grill. When you take them off put the shrimp on. Cook them and baste as needed. 

4. Once everything is off the grill brush remaining marinade on the shrimp and let them sit. 

5.Remove tops and seeds of the poblano. Put poblanos and tomatillos in a blender. Blend for 30seconds before adding oil in. ** if you want more of a salsa taste stop there. If you want more of a creamy sauce ranch.

6. Pull the slaw out of the fridge and assemble. 

If you aren’t on a super strick healthy eating plan add your favorite taco toppings like a slice of avacado, hot sauce or queso fresco. 

I portion out my protein and sauce to make sure I’m getting good balanced and healthy portion, where as my husband (who can eat anything and still loose weight) piles all his favorite toppings on top along with fresh jalapeño. 

Enjoy and Happy Summer! 

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