Tuesday, I turned 31.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of birthday’s, at least not the last couple of years, cause I just really haven’t been happy with where I was physically .

Yes, it’s true there is a ton to be thankful for but sometimes where you are health wise just affects everything. Clouds your opinions so to speak.

Each year I got older I worried more about what the scale number instead of celebrated my number of years.

This year was totally different.

We have been super busy lately and I’m sorry I haven’t really been keeping everyone up to date on my health journey but I’ll give a bit of a run down here. 

Over the past couple of months I’ve done a few things that I never thought I would actually do.

The Saturday before Easter my husband and I took a 5.6 mile hike at Pedernales Falls Sate Park. About a half mile in I wanted to quit but my husband kindly pushed me to keep going. It was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Even though it may seem small to some people, I have attempted several hikes since our first miscarriage and quit every time. This hike was more about the mental battle I won but being about 17lbs lighter at the time was a huge help as well.

I celebrated one month on the program with my coach and friends in South Louisiana and learned how to eat crawfish and veggies the healthy way. I mean thats a huge plus for a cajun girl.

I’m not sure why but over the years, I have held on to some clothes in the hopes of one day fitting back in them. I was so close to giving them all away when we made the move from LA to TX. I’m glad I didn’t cause I’ve been able to open that “Loose Some Weight” Box and wear them again. Some of them have actually started to be to big for me now.

My parents also brought my jacket from high school this week and I was actually shocked that it buttoned at the bottom. It has always ran big and sort of fit but that bottom button hasn’t buttoned since sophomore year of college.

Photography is something I have always loved to do, but when I put on weight it got hard to do. I stopped doing sessions when I got pregnant for our first because eventually shooting with a baby bump is a bit of a struggle. I tend to like to get into weird positions and try to capture unique angles but when you 205 that can be hard. I’ve dropped lbs and picked up a camera again and I’m kinda loving it.

The hubby and I won free tickets to Schlitterbahn AND got to go BY OURSELVES, which was awesome. What was even better was that I had to BUY A NEW SWIMSUIT because the other one didn’t fit! Not only was it nice to get a new suit, the whole time we were there what I was wearing never crossed my mind. Typically I would wear a swimsuit under a tank top and shorts but the whole time I’d still be fidgeting with my clothes because the shirt would either ride up or my shorts would or the suit would be slipping under my clothes or it would get to tight. It was always a struggle. Now, I have a cute, modest (I’m all about that life) suit that I feel super comfortable in. Plus we got season passes so it will get good use.

For my Birthday my love took me out to one of  my favorite restaurants for dinner, followed by shopping, which use to be a stressful event. This time it wasn’t, ok well maybe it was a little, but it was a different kind of stressful. In the past nothing fit and  I always left depressed by not finding anything. This time tons of stuff fit and I didn’t know how to narrow down what to get. I guess it was a good kind of stressful.

This past week I turned 31 and today makes 2 months on the program.

I’ve lost 28lbs and 30+ inches. I’ve gone from XXL/XL shirts to Mediums. From a size 18 pants to a size 12. I’m still 45lbs away from from my goal but everyday is a new adventure and every food I pass on becomes worth the sacrifice.

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