White Flag

In light of recent events, it seems the world is in quit a tizzy. People are hurt and other elated. Only a few seem to  be respecting others as they process this elections outcome. Emotions are flying  from both sides.

For a moment, lets forget about the outcome and thing about the emotions you feel.







All emotions that you freely feel, opinions you have the freedom to post and voice. Protests and victory speeches that are a  part of you rights as an American. Rights that someone fought for. Men and women who risked their lives, lost limbs, lost friends all for you to freely express you how you feel.

These men and women have stories to tell. Near death experiences that they now live to tell about. Some of them experience guilt and depression that they survived. Other fight the battles, lose friends and  fellow soldiers all over agin, every night as they sleep. Their love for America is true. Their scares bear the proof.

Today is the Marine Corps Birthday. Tomorrow is Veterans Day.

For a moment can we raise the white flag and cease fire on one another to honor those who gave us the very right to debate in the first place? Can we show love to those who gave so much without thought of race, gender or political party? Can we put down our shields and swords and salute the ones that have survived defying odds? Can we shut our complaining mouths for one moment and be grateful for the lives we freely live?

Don’t let the election overshadow those who have served this country. Remember to thank a veteran for bravely doing what they were called to do, so you can do what you freely do.



Dear Veteran, 

It’s easy to look at the world and feel unappreciated. I’m sure there are times when you turn on the news and think “was it all worth it?”. Many of you quickly push the thought out of your mind because you know that America would look very differently if not.  The lack of gratitude is something you knew would come. Not everyone understands you and the pride you feel for this country. Some think that the choices you made were uncalled for, that the lives you took were unjust. Sadly, you feel that many of this upcoming generation doesn’t truly understand the state America was in and what needed to be done. Many of you feel that the lives you lived have now become stories and movies that we can’t relate too. I assure you they are not. 

Although I may be only one person, I know there are more. More people who know the price you paid and the freedoms you fought for. We were once children raised by patriotic parents who reminded us often of the freedoms we have. Parents who taught us the importance of our voices and the cost of our rights. We have now grown to become parents ourselves and daily we raise our children to remember you and your sacrifices. Your stories are not just history, they are the inspiration in which we encourage our children to dream on. Thank you, for what you’ve done and for what many of you continue to do. It is not in vain. You are what makes America great. 

1931409_1062222204449_2930_nSpecial thanks (and a Happy Birthday) to my Father -in- Law Albert Ledet III who spent 20+years as a Marine protecting my rights.

To my grandfather, Robert Bonner who served in the Army.

To all of my other family memebers and loved ones who have served or are serving. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.




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