It’s a…. cat? 

Yesterday was a rough day. We all have them. My kids seem to all have them on the same day which makes life real fun. It’s like their mood clocks sync up every month. Elia decided listening was overrated, Ally was anti diapers and discipline and Roman’s top two teeth finally decided to make an appearance. So the day was filled with moments of ,what seemed rehearsed, crying or screaming from all 3 kids along with constant questions and I wants. 

It’s easy to mainly see the highlight reels of everyone’s parenting successes in social mefia these days, to feel like where in a mad house world of our own. That was how I was feeling yesterday. Till I realized …. Some days I have kids…. Other days they’re cats… 

About 2 :30, after their nap the kids are all in the living room stretching and waking up when my 2 year old Ally comes into the kitchen where I am. She begins the “mommy I want…. ” plea in which she wanted goldfish. I was doing dishes so my hands were soaked in soap and water so grabbing goldfish quick wasn’t as fast as normal. She hung around my legs, climbed between them and continually asked for goldfish. I wiped my hands walked to the table and filled her little bowl with goldfish. She came running, hopped in her chair and started snacking away. That’s when it hit me….

Now bear with me cause this has the potential to give you a chuckle on your upcoming rough days. I have been chuckling about this epiphany all afternoon. 

Essentially kids are like cats…. I mean really let’s compare. 

Cats are temperamental, sometimes they want to cuddle you, be sweet and calm. Other times they have crazy eyes, run after imaginary objects and swat and hiss at you if you try to cuddle them. 

Unless your cat is exceptionally trained, they use a litter box, that you have to change, often. Basically a giant diaper minus the Disney characters. 
If you sit down to eat or drink anything, cats suddenly want to be on your lap, in your face investigating everything. Or opening food wrappers or bags can bring them from miles away. 

Younger cats especially get surges of energy mostly around at night. This can cause them to run back and forth for no reason. They may find ideas like climbing the Christmas tree, getting on top of the dinner table and playing with the water in the toilet bowl, entertaining at this time. 

I mean really. Even though those statements were things cats do, does it not sound like something your toddler does? Except they say words instead of meow. So if your a new couple, considering having a baby, get a cat. If you and the cat survive the tradition from cute kitten to adult cat, you might just be ready.

Yes it’s true, cats you can legaly kennel, or leave them at home when you run to the store. When they grow up and get fat they have a tendency of being great chill lap companions.Yes it’s true, kids often make days go by fast with their creative imagination. Even on bad days, you often find yourself amazed at the new things they have learned. So their are some differences between cats and kids. 

Then one day while sitting and writing about your crazy kids, your girls will dog pile you in bed, fill your room with laughter and say “good morning mommy, we love you.” So with a now achey back and tear filled eyes, I’ll  hug and kiss them and think to myself, kids are way better then cats.


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